June 20, 2000

Project naming, Rusty takes flight

SPOPS are fairly settled now, security and all. And the web application framework is coming along very nicely as well. I hope to get it implemented on my website soon (next week), but these things have a way of not working out.

Side note: how the heck to people come up with clever names for projects? Right now the framework is just "the framework", or sometimes "Interact Application Framework." (IAF isn't bad, because then the programmers can be the "Interact Application Force".) But it seems like you either think of something clever early (I like the name of Jellybean) or not at all.... Or maybe it's just me :)

Anyway: the framework. Basically, a lot of the admin crap that is assumed to be in a framework -- users, groups, templating schemes, error handling, themes and a consistent output scheme -- is working and working solidly. Security on a per-object and a task basis is also working ok. (Don't know how it will scale, but...) Creating content handlers is a fairly simple process, and enabling security in a content handler is a matter of putting a certain class in your @ISA and setting a minimum security level for each publically accessible method.

Caching works, but not in as nice a fashion I'd like. And some things can almost certainly be tightened -- that's what happens when only one person works on the code. (Oh, did I mention that punk Rusty is leaving us to go to OpenSales?) ("Punk" in the nicest sense of course :) For caching, it would probably be a good idea to look into how Mason does it. I believe that everything is a component, and the parent Mason::Component class takes care of caching. The only wrinkle in this is, of course, themes. And you don't want to cache something that has any specific distinguishing items in it -- error messages, for example :)

I had a chuckle yesterday when I typed in the wrong password for monster.com -- I got a totally blank screen except for "You typed in the wrong password. Please try again." in big letters at the top. They're running superbowl commericials and I've got better error handling!

Really looking forward to yapc again this year. Except this year I don't have to be all worried about my presentation :)

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