June 20, 2000

Moving right along (framework, webcam)

Same old stuff. Lots and lots of work on the framework. Security is working transparently. Lots of other cool stuff too. I might have to wait to put the framework on this site until after we get back from Florida, but I might be able to work it in next week.

Most of the rest of this week will be taken up by yapc, which should be excellent. Last year was great, but I was worried about my presentation and, to compound that, I'd actually forgotten the power supply for my laptop. But Barb rescued me, as always.

Just in case you're wondering, the webcam uses the WinTV combo package from Happauge, which combines a PCI video capture card and a tiny little color camera. It takes a shot every eight seconds right now, although I can configure it to be as often as 1 second.

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