March 30, 2000

New workstation resellers

What a crappy couple of weeks. Things have been just blah. I’ve been sick (can’t tell if it’s allergies or a cold) and everything feels like it’s on hold. Waiting for the wedding, I suppose. All signs are go in that direction, thanks to Barb.

Going down the DC this weekend for work and fun. Also getting a new workstation shortly (yay) after nabbing a new 21" monitor (Nokia 445Xi Plus) a couple weeks ago. That's a big honkin' monitor! I think the lights dim briefly throughout the neighborhood when I first turn it on.

In addition to the new workstation, I picked up a U2W card (Tekram 390U2W) and 9 GB SCSI (IBM 18ES U2W) drive from ChaseShop. It's the first time I've shopped there. The prices were excellent (both the card and drive for about $330), and I got the card and drive just two days after I ordered them. However, the person who designed the navigation needs to be taken out back and shot. Drilling down into categories and subcategories is just painful.

Other workstation stuff is coming (hopefully) from Axion Technologies and Mushkin (just the memory). An incredibly helpful resource when shopping around for commodity parts is the Reseller Ratings guide at Reseller Ratings. It really lets you know who has good and bad customer service. Granted, it's possible in a forum like that to lay down some serious astroturf, but what's there seems pretty genuine.

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