March 19, 2000

Old photos

Kim and I scanned in a ton of photos on Saturday, many of them from the photo album of Mom that Nana put together for us last year. I’ve put up a few on this page, and I’m moving closer to the image object can categories so that you’ll be able to say, for instance, ‘show me all the photos with Kim’ in them and you’ll get a thumbnail grid of photos, captions and dates.

She also brought up an old film projector and some ancient (25-30 years old) films from the old camera. What struck me most of all is that my parents in the films were in some cases eight years younger than I am now. I can't exactly explain what it feels like; it might be as simple as what happens when you get older. But it feels different than that. Partly sad, partly amazed. Partly a little jealous, too. It was a very different time back then.

Barb came back today after being at her Gram's/Aunt's from Friday night. Apprently, her dress is a real knockout. I haven't seen it yet: even though I'm not much of a traditionalist in terms of weddings or much else. Something Mary Phelan (Barb's boss from her previous job) said really stuck with me. She said something on the order of: "There's something to be said for the feeling you'll have when, the first time you see the bride in her beautiful dress she's walking down the aisle to take the vows and be your wife for the rest of your lives."

We've also been working on vows this weekend. How can you sum up your whole life to come with this person in a few sentences? When things get overwhelming, it's nice to fall back on the standards :)

Lots of replication work this week, should be fun.

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