July 21, 2007

Stealthy UPS delivers Potter

A few months ago I pre-ordered the new Harry Potter on Amazon after hearing about their success at delivering book 6 the day of release. But at the time I didn't think about the anticipation we'd have in the hours between waking and delivery, which was considerable.

Rather than waiting out front like the freaks we are, we figured that we'd hear the UPS truck when it pulled up. I have a highly tuned sense for UPS trucks developed when I was about 12, when I'd get my comics in bi-monthly shipments via UPS. At first, every time I heard a deep mechanical rumble I'd rush to the front door. Over time I was able to distinguish UPS trucks from pickups, postal carriers, and even other types of delivery trucks.

Not so today. After hearing our mail drop through the front door slot I peeked out on the porch and THERE IT WAS. That sneaky bastard must have delivered it riding a bicycle or floating on a hang glider!

Rather than buying two books so we can both read it, our strategy is to read it chunks at a time. Right now the chunk sizes are one or two chapters, but we'll see how that holds up over the next day or so. Synchronizing the reading has the added benefit of being about to talk freshly about the book without accidentally giving something away

One warning: if I see you today or tomorrow, consider anything within earshot a Potter-free zone, or I will sic my beautiful baby mercilessly on you.

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