June 10, 2007

I should be riding my bike right now

Hanging my head, I'm writing to you from the comfort of my couch rather than a few hours into the second day of the MS 150. Last year was my first year for this and I did pretty well, really sticking to a good exercise schedule so that the longest two bike rides I took, on successive days, didn't leave me in lots of pain.

Since I did so well I got a new (used) bike a month or two later, a Cannondale T1000. It was only a year old and barely used (hooray for ebay!) and I couldn't wait to see how training and riding would be.

Unfortunately, I underestimated how much time both Ella and my job would take up, and as a result I've not gone on any rides this year. None. It's difficult to go on long rides around my house (lots of cars, stop signs and hills, an awful combination) and going off to a ride on a local trail (like Montour) winds up being a big production, as everything is nowadays.

I hope to get back on the saddle soon, and definitely hope to get back to the MS 150 (and other long rides) next year. For now, I'll just have to live with the lameness.

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