October 20, 2006

Come December, it's all changing...

That thing I mentioned? Mid-December Barb is due with our first baby. Everything's gone swimmingly so far, and she's in that phase of being happy but cranky due to having constant indigestion and general discomfort.

By choice we don't know yet if it's a boy or girl and while we have a few names on the shortlist, I'll keep those under my hat for now. And the list might change, to which I'm more amenable than Barb just because she's actually prepared for things.

But I think we have a lot of the big decisions made and have been throwing gobs of money at the house to prepare -- the stairs and second floor are now carpeted, and we had some environment people rip out all the drywall in the basement because of some mold. (I didn't want to do it myself and wind up as a CSI-type exhibit.) That said, you're never really prepared.

Nauseating baby photos to follow in a couple months...

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