June 25, 2006

Missed the bike, sniped!

I'm outside Cincinnati for our <a href="http://reunion.kirkwinters.com/"">family reunion</a> and I was sitting in a hotel watching the auction for my future new bike winding down....

...three minutes, still high, a comfortable $140 cushion between my max and the current amount.

...two minutes, still high, imagining flying up the Allegheny College hill on the end of the MS150 first day.

...one minute, still high, wondering how fast I could get the included computer.

...thirty seconds, still high, thinking of the other stuff we need the money for.

...fifteen seconds -- dammit, outbid five seconds earlier!

I flashed through bumping it up, but that's a dangerous path. My max was my max, and I stuck with it. But: no bike. Ahh well.

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