March 03, 2006

Riding in the MS 150

MS Bike Tour

Every year Vocollect sponsors a team to ride in the MS 150 -- last year we (and I use the term loosely) made the top 10. The team is known as "Vocollect Bluestreak", after the name of our internal speech recognition engine. Last year I hoped to join but things didn't work out. (And I'll leave it at that.)

This year I'm committed: my 15 year-old bike (Cannondale M800) got a tune-up a few weeks ago, I'm trying to get into the habit of exercising 4-5x a week to get my sorry ass in shape, and I've already signed up for the team. (There's also the additional peer pressure of the team captain being (a) one door away and (b) my boss.)

This is a charity event, so I'm hitting people up for money. Every little bit helps, don't be shy to just pony up $5 or so -- it's all going to a good cause. I'll stick a sidebar item with sponsoring information on it this weekend, but if the spirit moves you you can sponsor me now! (If you don't want to go through that registration and you trust me, just use paypal or snailmail.)

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