July 18, 2005

Radio in two Pittsburgh tunnels

Has anyone in Pittsburgh noticed that there are now audible radio signals in both the Fort Pitt and Squirrel Hill tunnels? (At least a signal from WDUQ.) I first noticed this in mid-June through Squirrel Hill when an NPR piece came on with E. J. Dionne (one of my favorites) and David Brooks. For some reason I always hit a tunnel when one of these comes on and I cursed my luck yet again. But I heard the piece very clearly all the way through!

More recently I can get a signal through Fort Pitt; although it's a bit fuzzy you can still understand what's going on. I don't know if this is an atmospheric condition (oppressive humidity == great radio reception?) or some active effort by PennDOT, but I hope it remains.

(That I sometimes haven't been able to take advantage of this because my car radio sporadically powers off is another post...)

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