March 30, 2005

Why was 'Save Me' nominated?

The other night magnolia came on IFC and compelled me to watch. There’s something that always draws me into this movie. While it was on I wondered what someone’s name was – Melora Walters, who hails from Riyadh, something you don’t see every day – and hit the awards/nominations page since my longterm biomemory has been chewed away by the internet and flashy things.

I didn't know Tom Cruise was nominated (deserved, I think) but was pleasantly surprised that one of Aimee Mann's songs was as well. But what's this? "Save Me" nominated? How could "Wise Up" not be nominated? What sort of cruel injustice was this? Even crueler: that effing hack Phil Collins won that year for some song in Tarzan (Disney, never saw it).

A few clicks told me why the haunting "Wise Up" wasn't in: the nomination was for original song, and "Wise Up" was in "Jerry Maguire" a couple years earlier. (Remember it? Me neither...) It makes sense because all the Cameron Crowe movies have great soundtracks. (I don't remember whether Vanilla Sky did because it's permanently blocked from ever surfacing in my head again. Yuck.)

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