February 09, 2005

Recent bonehead moves

Stuff I've done recently that made me feel like an idiot:

  • I ordered Screentool so I can do screen/video captures for OpenInteract demos/advocacy. (It's only $12, vs. $80 for Snapz Pro which all the cool Ruby kids use). So I got the confirmation email from the service they use but didn't see a registration key. So I waited a day or two and finally emailed them. It turned out the key was in the email but I just had to scroll down. Stupid! (My mail window really looked like the email was complete...)
  • Work strongly encourages volunteer/charity work. And one of the things people do every year is a 150 mile bike ride (over two days) up to Erie. I went to the intro meeting and got all excited about getting in shape, riding my bike again, springtime, etc. But when I got home and told Barb she said, "Doesn't that hurt your guys?" Stupid! I didn't even think about that, bad husband. So the bike ride will have to wait until next year, unless conditions change in the next month or so...

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