December 07, 2004

Accustomed to getting things for free

The internet has totally spoiled me. It used to be that if I saw something or heard something on the radio I just assumed that was that, I’d never encounter it again. Now if I hear something on the radio I assume the opposite – I’ll be able to get it whenever I want. (This is probably truer because I listen to public radio most of the time.) So if I only hear part of a This American Life it’s not that big a deal because I can grab it later, even if it is RealMedia.

Unfortunately it's not always so. I listened to the World Cafe Sunday night while cooking and heard the hilarious Folksmen cover of "Start Me Up" by the Stones and was already bookmarking it in my head. Today I caught up with my head and went to the WorldCafe site -- no shows! Dammit!

But the internets redeemed themselves because I learned that the song is on the soundtrack album. Looks like another one for the wishlist!

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