November 01, 2004

Random stuff, only partially election related

I don't know about you but it's pins and fucking needles. I should just go to sleep but I'm afraid of my dreams. Anyway:

  • Why doesn't Comedy Central show Dr. Katz anymore? (Maybe they do at 3 am, in which case my answer is: No, I'm not getting a Tivo.) While I'm happy they survived the early withdrawl of the 5+ hours per day of SNL, you'd think they could fill the void with one of my favorite cartoons. I just stumbled on an episode from On Demand and laughed my ass off.
  • Yes, I think we should have a few days to vote -- say, Sunday/Monday/Tuesday. No counting of anything until Tuesday with everything else, no exit poll reporting under penalty of a gazillion dollars or FCC license revocation, whatever. I'm fairly nervous tomorrow about the combination of potential lines and the weather -- here in Pittsburgh it's supposed to rain. We don't get a day off for the election and because Barb is a teacher we can't go vote first thing in the morning. So it's either take off early from work or take a chance and go after work with everyone else.

  • Good + bad bureaucracy: I hadn't changed my PA driving license address from our move in July. So I went on Friday and was in and out in ten minutes. There was some lameness (they don't take credit cards so I had to go for the free card accompaniment rather than a new photo card), but overall pretty good.

    Then Barb went to the same place today to get hers changed: DENIED. Apparently they don't DO address changes on Monday. No, I'm not kidding.

  • Charting a Big Ball of Mud is really tiring.
  • I know there's a lot to like about cars and appreciate people who are into them, but to me they're just a damn nuisance.
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