October 27, 2004

One of the downsides of growth...

My workplace is growing like crazy. This is a good thing -- as Mark recently said, it was wonderfully strange to sit in a company meeting and hear almost nothing but good news (including our Inc 500 debut).

The only downside is space. In the last year or so we built a new building. Only the first, third and fourth floors are built-out, and the first is used for building and repairing our devices. (No veal cubes there.) So floors three and four are getting very cramped and we're nearing the need to cannibalize meeting rooms for office space.

No worries -- the second floor is being built-out! Hooray! Office space will jump by 50% (or so), everyone will have room to swing their arms without smacking a co-worker... but until then we on the third floor will have to deal with extremely loud drills going through concrete and the occasional two-ton gorilla jumping up and down on something down there. But it's worth it.

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