July 19, 2004

Changing email server-side?

Casey’s presentation last week on the new Perl modules for handling email was a real eye-opener. (Sorry, no link for now, my ssh is inexplicably down.) The ‘new Perl modules’ are generally the new ones beginning with Email:: (there are a few older ones in there too), and you can find project-type stuff at the kwiki. The project is akin to the DateTime effort to create a unified and complete date handling API for Perl, extremely useful</p>

The new information is that these modules are implemented fairly simply and using them is simple as well. I haven't been very good at keeping up with spam on my server, partially because dropping false negatives on the floor is a fairly high cost. (Not that I'm expecting emails from high school people or anything, but I do get emails from people trying out OpenInteract for the first time who are too nervous to post to the mailing list.) But the spam is really getting overwhelming now -- Mail.app does a good job finding it all, but that doesn't do me any good with a web-based client. So we'll see how it goes...

(I'm trying to install Email::Store via CPAN and GD is bailing because it's not properly linking to libgd installed by fink. (Why does a SQL translation module need access by default to a graphics manipulation package? Put it in another module!) Grr...)

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