June 06, 2004

'Perpetually expanding horizons?' Sure...

An Optimist’s Legacy - I haven’t written much about politics partly because I’ve been swamped with work. But also because there’s just too much to write/think about. It’s exhausting.

I wasn't going to say anything about Reagan but then I saw this column by George Will describing his legacy:

The feeling of foreboding -- the sense of shrunken possibilities -- that afflicted Americans 20 years ago has been banished by a new birth of the American belief in perpetually expanding horizons.

Spoken like someone who doesn't know a soul who's living from paycheck to paycheck, or worried to the bone that they'll get hurt or sick while they're skating along without health insurance for "just a few months". That's not to say that horizons aren't expanding -- the horizons of the corporations (and the men who run them) sucking the life out of humanity are growing day by day.

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