June 03, 2004

Installing Subversion plugin for IDEA 4.0 on Win32

For some reason the docs didn’t tell you how to actually install this plugin, so here are some pointers.

First, if you're reading this more than a month or two after I post it you should go to the svnup home page for up-to-date files.

Grab the following files:

  • svnup-0.8.0.jar
  • svn4idea4-0.8.0.jar
  • svn-win32-1.0.2_javahl_2.zip (this contains both a jar and dll)
  • svn-1.0.4-setup.exe (win32 installation of subversion; go ahead and install it as well) </ul>

    Then copy them to the following places, where $IDEA_HOME is the installation directory of IDEA and $SVN_HOME is the installation directory of subversion:

    • svnup-0.8.0.jar to $IDEA_HOME/plugins/svn4idea/lib
    • svn4idea4-0.8.0.jar to $IDEA_HOME/plugins/svn4idea/lib
    • svnjavahl.jar (from the zip) to $IDEA_HOME/plugins/svn4idea/lib
    • svnjavahl.dll (from the zip) to $IDEA_HOME/bin
    • $SVN_HOME/bin/libdb42.dll to $IDEA_HOME/bin
    • $SVN_HOME/bin/libeay32.dll to $IDEA_HOME/bin
    • $SVN_HOME/bin/ssleay32.dll to $IDEA_HOME/bin

    After a reboot and configuration it seems to work okay, although I've only done some very basic actions so far. It feels a good deal slower than CVS but that could just be IDEA building its caches and such so I'll withhold judgement until I've put a full day in.

    Also, just noticed that Metissian has put together disk images for the subversion client and IDEA plugin on OS X -- nice!

    UPDATE: I mistyped and had the library 'svnjavahl.jar' going to the '$IDEA_HOME/bin' directory when it should be going to the '$IDEA_HOME/plugins/svn4idea/lib' directory. Fixed.

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