May 23, 2004

Week of many releases

Yesterday I finally released OpenInteract 2 beta 4 to CPAN. It took far too long to get out for a few reasons: some of the changes required a lot of retrofitting (like localization), testing the functionality for individual packages took a while (particularly the ‘base_page’ package) as did testing them under multiple platforms (LWP, Apache 1.x, CGI). And finally the largest reason is just real-life getting in the way of coding. It would be much faster if I used this in my day job, but unfortunately it isn’t so. Anyway, future releases shouldn’t be quite so ambitious, particularly since we have a good issue tracking system now.

I also put out a new release of SPOPS with a very small fix and an update to Workflow responding to a CPAN Testers report about failed tests. I'd forgotten to include a number of files in the MANIFEST -- oops. Oddly the report never got e-mailed to me, I only saw it when browsing the entry on the CPAN search site. (Maybe it got marked as spam...)

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