March 30, 2004

No house for you!

So the offer we made on Saturday was rejected. The sticking point was an inspection – the seller had an inspection done in September and had fixed some items as a result of it. All that’s okay. But we made our offer contingent on a new inspection and he didn’t want any of that. Actually we tried two contingency options: the first says, “If we don’t like something in the inspection we can back out,” the second says, “If we don’t like something in the inspection and you don’t fix it we can back out.” At first we went with the first (more flexible for us) but when he pushed back we went with the second, even offering a fairly substantial deductible for any repairs. No dice.

What's bizarre about the whole thing is that he didn't seem to understand why we'd want our own inspection. It just seems foolish to me to commit so much money (in this case, around $130K) without that basic assurance. So, adios.

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