March 11, 2004

Still hating hardware

Last week I posted about the hardware that will become the OI server. Everything got here fairly quickly (CPUs took a little while), and I wound up buying a couple of older (but unused) SCA SCSI drives for use in the server.

The problem I have now is the memory. The relevant page on the MemoryX website lists the DX3R-Plus as a compatible motherboard for this memory. As their model numbers would indicate the DX3R-1U (which I have) and the DX3R-Plus are kissin' cousins (ServerWorks chipset, etc.), so I figured it was cool and didn't even look at the fact that the memory isn't specifically listed as registered. Bad move.

Their page is clearly wrong and I'm trying to work it out with them to trade it in for a registered stick but they're not being the most responsive of vendors. Right now I'm wishing I dropped the extra $50 for Crucial instead...

Update: I got in touch with them again and they're sending me a registered DIMM. One of the problems was communications: I called them a couple days ago and emailed a link to the motherboard specs that showed their error. And then the next day a follow-up. But no reply.

Turns out they "cleaned out" the tech support mailbox due to spam and my mails got lost. (Yeah, it sounded like BS to me too...) So new personal policy: from now on when dealing with tech support I'm just going to assume whatever I sent got lost if I don't hear back within an hour or two...

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