October 23, 2003

Full feeds now, and fueling the opensource engine

At Andy's urging RSS feeds are now generated with the full content of blog entries. I truncated them to the first paragraph a while ago because it seemed to be the thing to do (and I have fairly constrained upstream bandwidth), but nobody ever said anything one way or the other about it. Now someone has, so the squeaky wheel gets the grease!

Another lesson: if you dig something or if something's bothering you, bring it up. Don't celebrate or suffer in silence! What's the worst that could happen? Put another way: have you recently sent an email to an opensource software author telling him/her how much you enjoy the software? Or what cool uses you've put it to? The opensource software engine doesn't require a lot of fuel, but it does require some. And just a little of that "thanks" fuel can go an awfully long way.

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