October 01, 2003

Northern Virginia NFJS plans set

Yahoo! Seven of the nine developers I work with will be attending the November No Fluff Just Stuff conference in Northern Virginia. I’m not sure how we’ll figure out who is going to which session, but at the very least it’ll be a ton of fun as we’re renting one of the mega-SUVs to drive everyone down there. (It’s about four hours away.) I look forward to meeting some of the java.blogs folks, even if just to say hi.

Bonus: it's in Arlington just down Washington Boulevard from Whiteys and other Clarendon spots. Arlington has probably been my favorite place to live, and I'm curious how much it's changed in the last five years or so.

This will be my first Java conference, although I've been to four YAPC (Perl) and in a previous life an American Planning Association conference. There was also a Comdex in 1996 where Mark Bolzern posted a usenet message asking for volunteers to staff various Linux booths. (Amazingly, only about 6-10 people showed up.) I brought my sleeping bag and slept on the floor of a fairly seedy hotel with a bunch of geeks. Fun stuff :-)

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