September 29, 2003

My module in the Perl phalanx

Phalanx is a project initiated by the Perl QA Kwalitee Team to write more tests for the core Perl distribution along with a number of CPAN modules. Apparently it was inspired by the Ponie project since it needs lots and lots of core and noncore tests to see if replacing the current Perl5 engine with Parrot works properly. They’re targeting 100 modules to improve the tests, and SPOPS is among them. What’s even cooler than this is that they’re trying to recruit newer programmers to do this, killing the ‘learn to test’, ‘learn perl modules’, and ‘become part of this great community’ birds with one stone. We’ll see how it flies…

Anyway, I think this can be interpreted as a good thing for me as well, the crappy lone rating for SPOPS notwithstanding.

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