September 13, 2003

Movies and malls making me a tool

Took the day off work yesterday and instead of watching cooking shows all day or farting around with code I went to see Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Didn’t like it: Johnny Depp was good (as usual), but it was disjointed, the action sequences hackneyed and the characters shallow even for an action movie. And worst: Salma Hayek, although given second (or third) billing, had only about four minutes of screentime, all flashbacks. Suck!

Since Barb was at work I didn't have a car, and since Pittsburgh's public transportation generally blows I was fairly limited in where I could go So it's usually a hop on the trolley down to South Hills Village, a fairly typical suburban mall. This is actually useful every once in a while because it reminds me how much I've grown to hate shopping malls. They make me feel like such a tool, like a walking credit card waiting for everyone to take a bite.

This movie made me feel much the same, like it was giving people a pacifier to have an explosion every n minutes, a big gunfight every y minutes, a look-at-me ironic laffer line every z minutes. Tool.

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