August 21, 2003

More convenient morals

Leave Marriage To the States - I have zero love for Bob Barr, but at least he agrees that the federal government should have nothing to say about marriage.

That said, toward the bottom of the op-ed is a side-splitter:

I worry, as do supporters of the constitutional amendment on marriage, that a nihilistic amorality is holding ever greater sway in the United States, especially among the young. Similarly, I agree that the kernel of basic morality in America -- the two-parent nuclear family -- has eroded under the influence of the "me" generation, which has left us with an astronomical divorce rate and a tragic number of hurting families across the country.

It's odd how other divorces can be conveniently ascribed to a catch-all trend ("the 'me' generation") that obscures more than it illuminates, but the fact that the author is on his third marriage doesn't seem to matter. I'm not just pointing out hypocricy for its own sake, but it's amazing how some people have no problem boiling down the motivations of large groups while keeping their own personal and private.

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