July 09, 2003

Spring Framework reaches wider audience

With the recent TSS anouncement the Spring Framework seems to be gaining some steam. It seems pretty straightforward (plus) and actually has some documentation to go along with it (doubleplusgood). Given that it’s spearheaded by Rod Johnson, whose book is filled with strangely uncommon common sense, it’s worth a few looks. I like that they non-rabidly compare it against similar frameworks (in the web realm Struts and WebWork, in the container realm PicoContainer). That the framework has a goal of simple testing is fantastic as well.

I really like its explicit glue mentality. You can use existing web application frameworks (Struts) along with different data persistence schemes (Hibernate among them). And the emphasis on simplicity is much needed -- once you grok a framework it's easy to just say, "we can add that to the declaration" and then the configuration eventually becomes far harder to understand than the code (too much implicit behind the scenes).

Sometimes I just wish there weren't so many worthwhile frameworks out there: once I see a better way of doing something it's very difficult to resist implementing it and changing our current framework...

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