June 08, 2003

Where are they now: bringing down the presidency

The media gets impeachment wrong again - Historian Sean Wilentz uses the recent publication of The Clinton Wars not only to display the main differences between journalism and history, but also to show that the people who hijacked the country for two years have benefitted from their slimy actions:

But the journalists' insistence that we all put the matter to rest is itself a continuation of the partisanship and hopelessly confused logic that drove the impeachment effort in the first place. That insistence amounts to amnesty for abuses against the Constitution, some of which were committed by persons who now help to run the country, and who are utterly unapologetic for what they did. It is less a pardon than a willful act of forgetting that lets the guilty off the hook -- and that leaves them and their rackets, unchallenged, in power.
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