June 04, 2003

JBoss Group forking

See Inquirer Article, TSS thread and Core Developers site. (Love the logo, BTW.) It’s important to remember that this is the JBoss Group and not the code itself.

I have no idea what really went into this and I don't know enough to speculate. But it will be fascinating to see how this impacts the code -- it's entirely possible that JBoss The Project will be a stronger product for this. Having committers from multiple backgrounds and possibly competing interests can be a good thing. Of course, it's also possible marcf (or others) could have a cow and cutoff commit access for the CoreDev folks. That would be incredibly stupid (and marcf ain't stupid) -- JBoss has made a name by being one of the dynamic enterprise solutions, but most "enterprise" people won't put up with instability. And remember, it's all about the code.

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