May 22, 2003

Taking economic responsibility

Now that the President has rammed through its foolish and hugely misleading tax cut, I have a small request. Take some responsibility for your actions. You’re supposed to be a new kind of leader, the type who doesn’t shirk responsibility, means what he said and owns up to his actions. You and your cabinet have been telling people nonstop for the last two months that your proposed tax cut (twice what was passed) would produce 1.4 million jobs. You yourself have said this so many times you’re probably mumbling the phrase “one-point-four-million-jobs” in your sleep. So let’s make it interesting: if the jobs you promised aren’t created, don’t run for office again.

And to be fair, since you only got about half the original $720 billion you wanted and you looked down your nose at the "little bitty" plan put forth by the Senate, I won't hold you to the 1.4 million figure. Heck, I won't even hold you to half your original figure -- let's say 400,000 jobs, only 30% of the 1.4 million you promised. So if your plan doesn't create 400,000 jobs by next summer, you won't run for office again.


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