May 08, 2003

Thanks a lot dickheads

Some jackass hosed a bunch of files on the OpenInteract wiki site. It’s the second time in five or six months this has happened, although last time he waxed all the files. Fortunately one of the deleted files was crucial for the wiki execution so the vandalism was quickly detected. (Thanks John!)

I had a backup and everything is back to normal, except for a day of usage stats. But I can't tell you how much this pisses me off. I suppose it serves me right for hosting on Sourceforge -- everything has to be world writable, making it vulnerable to even the stupidest cracker kiddies. I know this isn't a reflection on the work I do and all the time I spend writing software that people all around the world can use and improve, that it's just some spineless nobody who thinks he can be a badass by deleting some files. But it still stings.

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