April 24, 2003

My nitwit senator

Transcript of Santorum’s interview - I felt that dogpiling was unnecessary since this story is everywhere, but seeing the full interview made me even angrier. I can’t tell you how ashamed I am that this closed-minded neanderthal represents me. (Actually, that’s probably a slur to neanderthals.) What’s even more troubling is this disregard for privacy – I recognize that it’s not explicitly delineated in the constitution, but I suspect that most members of mainstream America he loves defending would get mighty pissed off that politicians are going to tell them what they can do in their own houses, that the “right to privacy” is seen by one of the ruling party’s brightest lights as “undermin[ing] the fabric to society.”

And how far right has this country swung when people are whispering about this guy as President? Jesus.

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