April 16, 2003

More narcissistic googling

Yesterday I got an email from a woman I knew twenty years ago who found me through her name on my site. A few years ago in one of those slightly creepy and nostalgic “what are they doing now?” moods I found her through google. We’d chatted for a while then dropped out of touch.

So I used this as a flimsy excuse to google my name again. Still at the top for 'chris winters', and I've moved up to number 3 for just 'winters', although I don't think it's right that I'm ahead of Jonathan Winters of the City of Winters. I also found a link to a Richard Winters's blog -- I read so many programming journals that one about medicine is quite refreshing.

I don't think anyone I'm related to has a website or blog except my cousin. But you never know who's blogging...

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