February 15, 2003

AllConsuming OI package, plus delayed gratification

While surfing around this afternoon I stumbled onto DJ’s blog entry on moving entries from an amazon wishlist to AllConsuming, by way of Ted Leung’s post on how CPAN kicks ass. I’d heard about AllConsuming somewhere before (probably from Udell) but I’d just breezed over it.

After a little investigation I found that I could sign up and it would not only keep track of what I was currently reading but also make it available in an easily consumed format. "A-ha!" I thought. "Sounds like a perfect OpenInteract package." And sure enough it took about 10 minutes to create a new package. (It's on SourceForge now if you're curious.)

Flush with an easy coding victory, I created a tarball for the package, scp'd it to my web server, installed it and restarted mod_perl. I went to my home page, edited it via the browser to add the box to the right-hand side and... and... and... Doh! AllConsuming.net was down for a few minutes. Everything eventually worked (as you can see), but the delayed gratification was somewhat irritating. I don't have many things I work on right now that are simple to understand and so easy to install and get working. (Maybe I should change that...)

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