December 17, 2002

Those nice folks at Sourceforge

I recently created a new SF project for SPOPS, splitting it off from OpenInteract so it can be updated/maintained separately as necessary. Since I want to maintain the CVS history of the files rather than just doing an import I posted a SF support request to move the files from the OpenInteract repository to the SPOPS repository. Two hours later it was done. Sweet.

And I mentioned earlier about someone wiping out the OI wiki website. What I didn't realize was that this was part of a larger effort to delete information on Sourceforge. (Ironically, I found out this was so when investigating other wiki implementations.) In lieu of smart backup practices, they kept around an archive of the groups so you could retrieve old data and I got mine just before the deadline. Cool.

Obviously I'd have more control and be able to implement these changes faster if I'd maintain these items myself. But in addition to requiring additional bandwidth, I'd have to deal more with stupid script kiddies, make sure I keep up on the latest exploits and such. I try to do it, but there are only so many hours in the day. (Actually, the bandwidth requirement is probably the deal killer there.)

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