August 21, 2002

Warm fuzzies

For some reason, I'm always surprised by the warm fuzzies I feel when I set aside a goodly chunk of time to write tests. I just cranked out a bunch today (when, admittedly, I should have been doing something else) and it felt pleasantly righteous. (Results are in the just-released SPOPS 0.65.)

I also took the advice of the worshipper of orange and changed the build process for SPOPS to be non-interactive. You can set environment variables to control the database, user, etc. if you want to run the DBI and LDAP tests. (Fortunately for DBI, there's already a precedent for these. I didn't see anything similar for LDAP.) You can also run perl Makefile.PL MANUAL=1 to get back to Ye Olde Interactive build.

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