August 09, 2002

Win32 annoyances

A few trivial and stupid things I've come across while using Windows as a desktop the last two weeks. (At a client site, no choice, etc.). This is on NT 4.0, so some of these might have been fixed. (But I'm amazingly bored right now, so whatever.)

  • I really miss tabbed browsing, much more than I thought I would.
  • Why do certain 'system' windows not have an entry in the task bar? For instance, opening up the 'Control Panel' brings up a taskbar entry, but the panel entries 'Data Sources', 'Date/Time', 'Keyboard' (among others) do not, while the 'Desktop Themes' one does. Similarly, if you accidentally double-click on a bunch of files that are selected and don't have a default file type, you'll get n 'Open With' boxes that don't have taskbar entries and will quietly hang around under all your other windows until you notice them.
  • The built-in shell (cmd) has strange ideas about going back and forth in your history. If I run commands, A, B, C, then up-arrow twice to re-run B, an up-arrow after I run B will bring 'A'. I think I prefer the dumb stack.
  • If I open up a file in IE served as text/plain (for example, '') then 'save as...' it will not only bowlderize the name to 'ProcessThatData_pm.htm' but also add opening and closing XML headers to it.
  • I also dislike how you can't at least symlink at the root level (as a drive letter) a directory within a share. </ul>

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