July 24, 2002

Moving, recovery

The move is more or less done, despite being dubbed "The Neverending Move" about 48 hours ago. I was so tired on Sunday evening that I couldn't really sleep. I hate that. My body has now mostly recovered from the lack of sleep and constant physical punishment, but I want to document here how effing miserable the whole experience was just in case I think in a year or two "Oh, that wasn't so bad..."

Hopefully we've run through our year's quota of house troubles early on -- the gas line had a leak, and the phone didn't work. Both are now fixed -- I haven't appreciated a hot shower so much for a long long time.

So my perfect commute -- home trolley stop two houses away, work stop under my building -- will be halted after three whole days. I'll be going onsite to $MAJOR_CLIENT to work with interfaces to their system -- EDI, JD Edwards, many other things I know nothing about. Fun.

As part of the move I'm switching DSL providers and that seems to be going ok so far. The only downside up to now is that I need to pick up a new 'modem', since the one I had from my old ISP isn't used anymore. (I guess a lot of protocols etc. have changed in three years.) There seems to be ton of them on ebay, so it shouldn't be too painful.

My email is going through some rigamarole right now, redirected to and fro until I get the DSL line installed. My wife has very little sympathy for my plight.

Finally, one excellent benefit of moving has been relative cat harmony. We have three cats and got the third one from a shelter last September. She's never been fully accepted by the oldest female -- and by 'fully accepted', I mean 'left alone without a swat in the face and screaming across the house'. Friends told us that a change of venue would work wonders, and indeed it has.

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