June 18, 2002

More GUI foo

Still poking along with Swing. The ORA book was kind of right and kind of not -- I wound up downloading the code examples and adding a setVisible(true) here and there until things displayed ok.

However, I'm now trying to follow along with some of the tuturials Sun has online. For some reason I keep forgetting these exist. And when I remember I'm always pleasantly surprised by their quality and depth, as well as the sheer number of tutorials that are freely available there.

As a result, Swing is starting to click but not quite there yet. A lot of it is forgetting my crippled as feeble HTML monkey.

I'm also trying think of my complements so I can figure out how to commoditize them. I'm thinking Nasoya, XEmacs and unsweetened iced tea for starters, but I'm sure there are more.

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