May 28, 2002

API homage

Note to self: when copying an API you should not rely solely on memory. One of the nice things about creating a new module is that you can put out a new release in short order without ticking anyone off :-)

Saw Mulholland Drive yesterday. Both my wife and I were mostly baffled when it ended, and after discussing it for a while we decided on a couple of theories then started watching it again to prove them. Unfortunately we both fell asleep before the end. The perils of growing old...

Also saw Ali. Parts of it were fantastic -- I like Michael Mann's style a great deal -- but overall I thought it fell short. Ironically, my wife liked it more than I did -- she had fairly low expectations. But I've read quite a bit more about him than she has, so it's kind of like reading the book before seeing the movie.

That said, I think representing a person as complex as Ali, and the whirlwind around him and what he represented, is a nearly an impossible task to do in a 120-150 minute movie. There were parts of the film that I thought were obvious remnants of scenes that had previously been surrounded by other material, and relationships that were largely unexplained, etc. Oh well.

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