May 12, 2002


Allergies have for some reason decided to mount a D-Day style attack. Despite the fact that it rained just about all day. Even taking an Actifed, which normally TCB, just makes me sniffly and sleepy. Blech.

Useful (perl) work done this weekend: zero. Oh well.

We did make an excellent dinner for my mother-in-law, courtesy of cookbook de Moosewood: mushroom moussaka and a carrot cake.

FWIW: I'm getting pretty tired of the Rachel Griffiths character on Six Feet Under. I know it's HBO and all, but how many strangers does she have to do? Sheesh.

And finally: I'm happy it's iced tea time again -- at least for the general public: it's always iced tea time for me -- but there should be some sort of mass uprising against restaurants that serve nothing but sweetened tea. Even in deep Mississippi they give you a choice!

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