April 27, 2002

Swing serious sequences

Thanks to a brave guinea pig, I think we've just about got OpenInteract working with Oracle, which is cool. I'd like to see if I can get it working on SQLite (crazy!) and InterBase in the near future. It would be interesting to use SQLite just for certain pieces of OI as well -- maybe to store security and other 'system' information? With the other data stored on the normal company RDBMS.

I just committed to CVS the SPOPS driver for InterBase, which was relatively painless. One thing though: I know that all these different databases were developed at different times, but the different patterns used for auto-generating keys are amazing. InterBase has a 'generator', which is almost like a sequence but you can only kick new values out of it. You can't get the 'current' value. Simple to work around, but annoying!

Weird thing I saw on the CNN Headline News while flipping around last night: discussion was about Iraq, evil Saddam, etc., and the left-hand side graphic said "Hussein in the Membrane". It's funny, but it kind of undercuts whatever serious things the talking heads might be saying...

I actually developed a miniscule Swing application yesterday using Netbeans. I realized how little I know about this area of development -- best practices, how things are normally done, etc. Still, it was pretty easy to connect to the EJB server and retrieve a particular bean, query it, etc.

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