April 11, 2002

Cooking it up

No, I'm not a garlic-hooting moron, but I did make one of Mr. Lagasse's recipes I saw on the tube. It turned out well, despite not adding the cream and oil at the end. I have to say that the FoodTV website was extremely useful -- I had no problems finding exactly what I wanted.

The reason for said recipe was our second anniversary -- zip ah dee doo dah day. We don't give each other large gifts, but to continue the theme of the post (because that's what it's all about) I received a few classes on Indian Vegetarian cooking at Pitt. Vegetable biryani, here I come!

In work-related stuff: I recently posted a question to the J2EE-patterns list about session beans -- look at me slinging those acronyms around! -- and was surprised by the lack of simple benchmarking software available for Java. Yet another area where Perl has it so good.

And the more I work on this code generation stuff, the more I find myself reinventing certain things implemented in CMP 2.0. This can be a good thing, or it can be a bad thing. Time will tell.

One good thing: I had some good ideas about generating queries on the bus ride home last night. Rather than write them down in my notebook (to be seen three months from now...) or try to remember them for tomorrow, I fired up the browser and opened up our Wiki. A few minutes later, not only is my idea down for everyone to see, but it's fleshed out more than I'd anticipated. Nice! (This is using TWiki, which was total cake to setup.)

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