February 18, 2002

Submissions, etc.

Finally got my OSCON presentations submitted; gnat's note had the intended effect :-) One is on OpenInteract, another on SPOPS. We'll see.

Transplanted the keyboard from my LCD-not-functioning NEC laptop to the LCD-functioning-but-keyboard-borked NEC laptop. And now I have a functioning laptop again. If this thing holds up and I'm able to get to San Diego I'll be one of those 1337 folks with wireless.

I get very nervous when taking apart laptops. With PCs, I've not only done it a million times but I know that if I screw something up it's easily replacable. With laptops, once you screw something up you're out some serious $$ and you can't even do it yourself. And with these (they're 5+ years old) I don't even know if they can be fixed.

From someone's note here (Dave?) I started poking around with kpresenter. It seems decent enough, but I'm always afeard of playing with software like this because it's got so many time-sucking bells and whistles. I might stick with HTML + Javascript because I can tarball it up and run it on anything, even a Win32 machine if the aforementioned laptop breaks down. Another (X11 only) alternative might be Magic Point, which keeps everything in plaintext but has an option for generating postscript and it has a simple viewer for transitions, etc. I suppose the thing to do is keep it in plaintext until everything is settled, then move it to whatever platform I'll use.

I saw Jurassic Park III the other night. I figured it was probably dumb, but I remembered reading a review (from one of the Washington Post folks, I think) saying that it was a sparser but more fun dinosaur movie. I figured anything with lots of dinosaur action can't be all bad. I was wrong. Many of the action scenes were great, but they were far outweighed by the insulting "plot" and "motivations." I feel dumber for having rented it.

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