January 26, 2002


I know I'm out of date (and not the hip curmudgeonly out of date either, just the lame out of date), but I finally put the newest (?) Weezer CD I picked up before xmas into heavy rotation. This is extremely catchy stuff. Sometimes the music and your mood just click. Nice.

I nabbed the first (?) one off half.com a week ago while picking up a book on RSI and a cookbook I didn't get for my birthday (sniff). That CD, while a little less polished, is also addictive.

I've sold a number of books on half.com in the last 4 months or so but hadn't bought anything before. The books I sold went quickly at first but then sales slowed dramatically. The paranoid part of my brain wondered whether the first n items you sell are a loss leader actually bought by half.com (rather than average shmoes) to get you coming back to the site and buying stuff instead. (Silly)

Picked up a few non-used books today: two on Zen (recommended by a friend) and the new ORA book on Jabber. I know I said earlier that learning more about Jabber would be a sinkhole for time since there it seems to be one of those tools that can fit anywhere once you grok it (like POE). So it goes.

Started on the biography _A Beautiful Mind_ today. This will be much slower going than the first two Harry Potter books :-) I know some people despise public transportation, but I really enjoy having the time every day to read. It's something I didn't do nearly often enough when I worked at home.

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