December 04, 2001

Migrating OI site, Dreamweaver, Ant task

Late, late night -- first in while. I've discovered it's an amazingly effective cure for having too many emails in your box when you wake up.

Upgraded the major site -- which was actually at 1.1 instead of 1.2 -- to OpenInteract 1.36. It went very well, IMO. (Jury's still out I suppose, but I've got a good feeling and those can normally be trusted.) Aside from a stupid error that cost ~30 minutes early on, that is.

I'm also going to be releasing packages that get updated between releases to the Sourceforge site. And now that I've got these extra packages working, they'll be going up as well.

I've been messing about with Dreamweaver at the office (thru VNC of course) to write an extension for the damned image rollovers. DW comes with an extension for this, of course, but it doesn't play nice with XMLC -- since customers may be updating the pages themselves, each page really has to be a drop-in no-brainer. The image tags and javascript generated by the DW default rollover extension makes this impossible.

I've modified an Ant custom taskdef that came out of Enhydra (at some point) to make for flexible URL mappings and such, so these rollovers are (I think) the last hurdle to jump.

Extending DW is pretty nifty, once you get the hang of it. Representing the document being edited is smart, although the method of text replacement is amazingly clunky. Still, I'm impressed.

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