June 11, 2001

Releasing often

New versions of OpenInteract (1.07) and SPOPS (0.40) have been released. I took way too long to make these releases happen -- getting away from the 'release early, release often' idea. I think one of the reasons this idea is important is that people are more willing to invest their own time in a project that's active, and a good measure for 'active' is time between releases.

OTOH, nobody likes releases a few weeks apart that only fix a handful of minor bugs.

Hardware update #1: new keywell for Kinesis keyboard came as advertised on friday. It was a little difficult to get the connector out of the slot -- kind of like getting a snapped key from a lock -- but I eventually got it out. I have a normal keyboard again!

Hardware update #2: new motherboard, cpu and memory got RMA'd back to $VENDOR. They couldn't figure it out either.

I noticed I'm posting more often here in the last couple of weeks, almost certainly because I'm not working directly with people anymore. I'm trying to be very conscious of any unintentional changes in my lifestyle so I don't get out of control again. Then again, I just worked all weekend...

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