June 05, 2001

Be prepared!

Icky hardware stuff: got snazzy new mb and cpu but problems abound. Methinks it's a problem with the power supply, new one coming will test that out. Way, way too much time spent screwing around with it, reading forums, newsgroups, scouring google, etc. Arg.

SPOPS now supports lazy loading, which means that listing hundreds of HTML page objects won't eat up all your memory and demand more. (Doh!) New release (0.40) should be out shortly.

OpenInteract is going well. I created a relatively simple project management app for myself, mostly for the app but also to get back up to speed on things. Mission accomplished on both counts.

Did an informal presentation about OI last friday down in DC. Wouldn't you know it, I'd neglected to install a browser on my laptop, so it was all talk talk talk. A couple of people seemed to really get it, which was nice. I think after YAPC I'm going to make an effort to get around to various perl user groups to give a talk on OI, as well. By then, I'll have a browser on my laptop and even prepared slides!

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