April 12, 2001

Job uncertainties, PNC Park impressions

Work stuff is muddled -- a magic 8-ball would say: "Uncertain, come back later." Continued fallout from last week's doings -- everyone is working shorter days and sitting around talking about things like "Who's the most successful person who was once in a successful band?"

Went to the first night game (and Pirates win!) at the brand new PNC Park. Nice! Watching baseball in Three Rivers was painful but this was quite intimate. Even better, this was my first anniversary present and my wife managed to somehow score some excellent seats. I haven't been paying much attention to baseball (or sports in general) the last couple of years (too many other things to concentrate on, and it's like cheering for laundry) but we had lots of fun.

OI/SPOPS development hasn't done much in the last week or so. Postgres support will be in 0.40, which hopefully I'll be able to get out next week.

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