October 12, 2000

TV Week: Absurdity for a buck fifty

Couple of funny things:

First, from a recent TV Week distributed along with the Sunday newspaper to help you plan your TV watching experience days ahead of time. In the Q & A section:

Q: Are Bruce Dern and Bradford Dilman related? They have the same initials. - B.L.P., Myrtle Creek, Ore
A: Having the same initials is no indication of a relationship. Those two are unrelated.

This is, I think, admirable restraint on the part of A...

Second, from a recent (Oct 2) New Yorker humor piece by Christopher Buckley, writing a "retrospective" about the reasons why George W. Bush won the presidency. The last one is:

Bush's October Surprise charge that Gore, a Southerner, had owned slaves while he was a senator, though demonstrably untrue, forced Gore to go off message during the campaign's critical last days.

Thinking about the "though demonstrably untrue" aside is enough to send me into giggles.

On the technology side, having to work with NT is enough to send me into sustained grumpiness. (grumble grumble)

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